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More Bedroom Inspiration


Here we go again, looking at bedroom inspirations. I like this bed a lot and the price is pretty good. It’s called the Logan and it’s $569. What do you think?


Doesn’t this photo make you want to sleep? I love the color of the walls!


Love it!

In the photo below, I love the photos above the bed.


And the search continues… HELP!


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Manic Monday

Today is just another “Manic Monday” … it really is! I woke up this morning and thought, “God, I just want another hour or 5 to sleep – please.” And once again, he didn’t come through. The ring on my snoozer went off again and I was reminded that I’m already 10 minutes late and I HAVE to get up or the dog will pee on the carpet, lunches won’t be made, no one will get breakfast and everyone will be unhappy. So, I rushed my shower and didn’t style my hair and got everything I needed to do – minus feeling terrific.

This is my last week at my job. I’m taking on another one that should be VERY exciting. I’m looking forward to it! Wish me luck… I hope your Monday was better than mine!

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Beds Galore

Do you know how many bed designs exist in the world? Me either … BUT we’ve looked at many of them! Hubby and I have been trying to decide on a design for our new king size bed. We both don’t want a huge attraction but rather something that has a lower profile but looks funky and asian-design-like. So, we finally found one and the price is pretty good. Here it is…

From Z Gallerie –


And the stuff that goes with it …



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