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I said it …

I loved my wedding. I loved the colors I used and the extras I added. I loved it! I sometimes thing that it’s a fauxpas to say – “It was fabulous!” I often hear brides talking about what they would change and what didn’t go right. But, I have to say, my day was super fantastic.

Here are some of my favorite things from my big day!




The bridesmaid’s dresses!


My cake!


Our table scape…


My flowers…


The group shots.


And my red shoes!

Cheers to beautiful, fabulous weddings!


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New York New York

In December I’m heading to NYC for the first time! I’ve been to some of the largest cities in the world but have neglected the Big Apple due to traffic and timing. We usually go around NYC to avoid traffic delays while driving to New Hampshire. The trip is a new family right of passage. My hubby’s mother has invited me to be her “daughter” and we’re meeting other ladies from the family there for a weekend of shopping, sight-seeing and fun. I’m looking forward to it, especially at Christmas time. But, I have to have the perfect wine color winter jacket. I live in the South and it’s tough to find fashionable winter jackets, so I’ve already started looking online. And even though we don’t have two pennys to rub together right now, I want to save up a bit of change to purchase a fabulous winter jacket for our trip to the big city! Help me out! Here are several jackets I found…The jury is out though.



There is something I LOVE about this gray one…


Any suggestions?

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