One More Week in NonProfit!


One more week to go in the land of nonprofit! I’ve loved the experience. I’ve spent 3 years in nonprofit and have enjoyed the work but not always the pay. I hate to think of myself as a gold digger because I’m going into the big world of FOR profit but the fact of the matter is I like to shop. I do and unfortunately I’ve got to find a way to pay for some of the things I love besides using the credit card. And so … next Tuesday is my last day and Wed. is my first day at my new job in agency life. I’m excited. I know it will come with lots of changes. After-all, I’ll be a supervisor, which should be interesting in itself and managing budgets which should be a great catalyst for humor down the road but I’m going to “put myself out there” like Dr. Phil says and try something different. “Why not?” I think to myself. The worse thing that could happen is that I hate it and then I can always move on to something else. PR is always needed … especially crisis communications. The best thing that could happen? I’ll love it and thrive in it and do splendid! Wishful thinking and prayers!Change – here I come!


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