Shades of Green

I’ve never LOVED the color green. It’s always been one of those colors I can’t wear so I’ve always stayed away from it. Recently though, as I was thinking about colors to paint my foyer in my house, I thought, “Green would be great!” On Friday afternoon I went to Lowe’s to take a look at all of the shades of green I could find. I went armed with several swatches…




 When I got to the store, I couldn’t believe how many shades of green confronted me. I finally settled on “Pear” and bought everything we needed. When I got home I walked in with two gallon cans of paint and my hubby said, “Ohhh no – what are we doing this weekend.” I exclaimed, “Painting baby!” And the look of dread washed over his face. Haha… You see, he had a horrible painting accident before I met him. As a bachelor and after buying a little town house, he and his roomy decided to paint the walls red. If you’ve ever tried to paint anything red, you know what happened. Yes, it looked horrible. Not to mention, the sockets were pink and the ceiling had red accent marks (on accident). Fast forward to 2 years ago and when I first entered the quaint little town house I was awe struck by the room. Talk about faux finish – WOW – it was awful. So, needless to say, he was scared to death. THAT’S why I couldn’t tell him about my evil plans prior to showing up with the paint. He would have insisted on NOT doing it. But after I spent the money – TOO LATE!

Anyway – I love how it came out. It looks professionally done. Hubby taped the walls and corners and everything. He did a fantastic job! These photos suck, we took the pictures with a camera phone. Enjoy!




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