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More Bedroom Inspiration


Here we go again, looking at bedroom inspirations. I like this bed a lot and the price is pretty good. It’s called the Logan and it’s $569. What do you think?


Doesn’t this photo make you want to sleep? I love the color of the walls!


Love it!

In the photo below, I love the photos above the bed.


And the search continues… HELP!


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For the perfect desk…

As I was writing the previous post I was making a mental list of things I want to buy for my new desk. There is something to be said for fantastic items that you purchase for your desk at a job. If and when you leave down the road, you take it with you! It sets you apart from the corporate garbage bought at big name retailers and makes people curious – at least like minded women. I hope that some of those exist at the new place of employment! So, without further ado, here are some of the items that will *hopefully* adorn my new desk!

  • A fantastic file holder … 26$


  • Fantastic file folders – / $11.95 for 6


  • A fantastic pen – / $61.60


  • Business card holder – / $29.70


  • Funky canisters to hold *stuff* – / $12.00


  • A fantastic eraser – / $4.00


  • Fabulous picture frame – / $24.00


And every woman needs a fantastic tote but I haven’t found one yet. I’ll blog about it if I find it. Fingers crossed!

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See Jane Work


No, I don’t have a coworker named Jane – it’s a fabulous website! I wish I could buy all of the neat stuff that I find on that website! Especially as I’m getting ready to switch jobs, I wish I could buy a little bit of this and a little bit of that from their site. It’s a great site with girlie stuff for working women. From fantastically designed binders and folders to bigger staplers, fantastic journals and note cards, it has it all for the working woman.

If you haven’t checked out the website, make it a point to check it out sooner than later. It’s my fav! Enjoy

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Another bed option…

I found another option for our king bed. Yesterday I blogged about a king bed we fell in love with at but today I found one at and it’s very similar and a bit cheaper, surprisingly. Here it is … What do you think?


And…I love this little black table from Ikea. I know it’s super cheap but there is something ultra cute about it. Hmm…


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I said it …

I loved my wedding. I loved the colors I used and the extras I added. I loved it! I sometimes thing that it’s a fauxpas to say – “It was fabulous!” I often hear brides talking about what they would change and what didn’t go right. But, I have to say, my day was super fantastic.

Here are some of my favorite things from my big day!




The bridesmaid’s dresses!


My cake!


Our table scape…


My flowers…


The group shots.


And my red shoes!

Cheers to beautiful, fabulous weddings!

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One More Week in NonProfit!


One more week to go in the land of nonprofit! I’ve loved the experience. I’ve spent 3 years in nonprofit and have enjoyed the work but not always the pay. I hate to think of myself as a gold digger because I’m going into the big world of FOR profit but the fact of the matter is I like to shop. I do and unfortunately I’ve got to find a way to pay for some of the things I love besides using the credit card. And so … next Tuesday is my last day and Wed. is my first day at my new job in agency life. I’m excited. I know it will come with lots of changes. After-all, I’ll be a supervisor, which should be interesting in itself and managing budgets which should be a great catalyst for humor down the road but I’m going to “put myself out there” like Dr. Phil says and try something different. “Why not?” I think to myself. The worse thing that could happen is that I hate it and then I can always move on to something else. PR is always needed … especially crisis communications. The best thing that could happen? I’ll love it and thrive in it and do splendid! Wishful thinking and prayers!Change – here I come!

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Vera Vera Vera

I love Vera Wang plates, clothes, dresses, advertisements and so much more. I love the sleek look, the great designs and the simplicity. That’s why, when planning our wedding, I convinced hubby to go along with registering for Vera Wang plates. We got them! And we love them! Here they are! They are perfect and dishwater safe which is a good thing since I hate doing dishes.


I love having P&J sandwiches on the sandwich plates!

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